The Do's and Don'ts of the Masters

March 23, 2019 7 min read

4 old fit ladies gracefully walking on a golf course

For most people, choosing what to wear to the April 6-9 Masters Tournament at Augusta National can be a total pain. The Masters is a sporting event, but it’s unlike any other.

So, you see the predicament here: do you dress casually or do you take it up a notch? How do you find the right balance between the two? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a few fashion tips that would help you master the Masters dress code!

What to wear to the Masters

The Masters isn’t your ordinary sporting event so you have to step up your style a bit. So, what exactly do women wear to the Masters? Let’s find out!

1. Casual yet classy clothing

The Masters dress code is for players and non-players, so even if you’re only a patron, you need to dress for the occasion. As a general rule, outfits must be “golf-appropriate”. When deciding what to wear to the Masters, keep these three words in mind: classy, clean-cut, and casual. And remember, when in doubt, wear what a professional golfer would! 

For women, the classic Masters outfit would look something like this: a long-sleeved shirt, a cute golf skirt or skort, and closed-toe shoes. Dresses are also a fashionable choice, but be sure to wear shorts underneath so you don't have to worry about your underwear doing a peek-a-boo. 

While you can’t go wrong with a neutral color palette, it’s perfectly fine to embrace patterns such as stripes, plaid, and gingham. That way, you’ll look put-together and playful at the same time. 

2. Stylish skorts and pants

One of the most common questions we get at Golftini is “Can you wear skorts to the Masters?” The answer is yes! Women can wear skorts as long as they’re tasteful, tailored, and golf-appropriate. This means they shouldn’t be super short. 

 woman wearing skort at the masters

In the image above, a patron is wearing an original Golftini Stretch Cotton Skort, which is made of a cotton blend and has a bit more structure for a classier, timeless look. The shorts are made of performance fabric, making them the perfect pair for walking the grounds all day long. 

Pants are also acceptable, but make sure they’re not too casual. Avoid pants with drawstrings as they lean toward loungewear. Instead, go for tailored or sporty pants that could work for the golf course and the office, such as the White/Silver Stretch Ankle Pants.

 woman wearing pants at the masters

3. Comfortable footwear

The Masters dress code for players dictates that they must wear golf-appropriate shoes, such as closed-toe tennis shoes or sturdy sandals. Augusta’s grounds tend to get slippery in the morning or after it rains, so be sure to wear shoes that provide on-course traction and control. 

In keeping with the Masters dress code, pick shoes in subdued colors. You could also wear bolder footwear, but only if the rest of your Masters outfit is understated. And remember, spiked shoes are prohibited

Even if you’re just a spectator, you’ll still be walking a lot (you’ll likely walk up to 7 miles if you follow a group!), so be practical with your footwear choice. High heels are a huge no-no (you’ll only get stuck in the grass), but if you really want to add a bit of height, go for wedges instead. 

4. Sun protection 

Make sure to protect your skin from the sun at the Masters! A fan-favorite product for golfers is the Supergoop! Play, a lightweight sunscreen with SPF 50. Since it’s a spray-on sunscreen, you can easily top up your sun protection anytime, anywhere.


woman wearing white visor at the masters


In addition to sunscreen, remember to wear a wide-brimmed hat or visor, such as our White Small Fit Performance Visor. Its breathable fabric allows it to comfortably sit on your head all day, while its low profile offers a sleek and stylish look. On the front, you’ll find the cute Golftini logo to remind you of what awaits after the game: Martinis with the girls!

5. Something warm

This time of the year tends to get a bit cold during the day and late in the afternoon, with temperatures dropping to 55°. So make sure to bring something that will keep you warm without being too bulky.

3 ladies smiling while on a golf course

The Golftini team looking absolutely fabulous in their Cotton Cashmere Ponchos at the 2018 FedEx Cup.  A local newspaper even called their outfits the most stylish at the tournament! 

A good choice is the Golftini Cotton Cashmere Poncho, which comes in 8 colors and can be rolled to fit in your purse. It goes with Golftini’s color palette and can be easily paired with all of our pieces. Drape it over your shoulders and you’ll be the most fabulous lady at the Masters!

7. Minimal makeup

As you plan what to wear to the Masters, consider what kind of makeup (if any) you’ll put on. Heavy makeup does not hold up well at the Masters, or any outdoor event in general, as you will likely sweat. Plus, if you put on too much makeup, you’ll spend more time touching up than actually enjoying the tournament. 

Try to keep your makeup to a minimum. You could put on tinted sunscreen, add a touch of concealer, wear a bit of lip gloss, brush your brows, and you’re good to go!

What not to wear to the Masters

Now that we’ve answered “What do ladies wear to the Masters golf tournament?”, it’s time to discuss what you shouldn’t be sporting at the sports event.

1. Don’t carry a big bag

According to the Masters tournament dress code, bags larger than 10"x 10"x 12" are not allowed. Cross-body bags are a great choice – not only do they free up your hands, but they’re also a safe and easy way to store your belongings. 

Golftini Martini Crossbody Bag


Our Golftini Martini Crossbody Bag is the bag for the golf course. It measures only 8"x 2"x 5.5", so it meets the Masters dress code, but it’s still spacious enough to carry your essentials such as your lip gloss, sunscreen, etc.

Can you bring your phone to the Masters?  This is one of the few times in life that you will have to part ways with your phone – and it's well worth it! Mobile phones are prohibited at all times. If you do want to take pictures, drop by during practice round days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). Those are the only days when cameras are allowed. 

2. Don’t wear denim

Have you ever wondered why denim is frowned upon in the golf world? Although the Masters dress code doesn’t have a rule against denim, it goes against golf tradition to wear it on the golf course. Back in the day, only upper-class people could go to golf courses and country clubs. To maintain their elite and exclusive status, these places implemented strict dress codes. Denim was definitely not allowed as it was considered common folk attire. 

We wouldn’t really recommend wearing denim to the Masters or any other golf tournament. Not only is it bulky, but it also doesn’t give your knees the freedom to bend, hindering you from doing a full golf swing. 

3. Don’t wear leggings

While the dress code for the Masters doesn’t explicitly say you can't wear leggings, we would advise against wearing them. They’re too casual for prestigious golf events, not to mention too tight-fitting. Leggings can only be worn at the Masters, and at most golf tournaments, if they're underneath shorts or a skirt. 

Rather than wearing two separate pieces, get yourself our signature skorts instead. Skorts bring the best of both worlds: the comfort of shorts and the feminine flair of skirts! The Do Not Disturb Skort features a simple (but in no way boring!) plaid pattern, perfect for the woman with timeless style. For something a bit bolder, go for the Sunrise-Sunset Skort so you can bring the 60s retro-chic style to the golf course. 

Additional tips to keep in mind 

The Golftini team has been to the Masters many times before. Here are a couple more tips based on our experience so you can have the best time at the Masters! 

Bring bug spray

One of the must-haves in your golf bag is bug spray. When walking the grounds at a golf tournament, there’s a good chance you’ll get bitten by mosquitoes and gnats. According to GolfDigest, the best insect repellent for golfers is Off! Deep Woods VII Dry. If you don't feel like carrying around a can in your purse, place a Bounce dryer sheet in your back pocket to repel insects. 

Consider bringing your own chair

Trust us when we say your feet will get tired. Fortunately, you are allowed to bring one chair. Choose one that’s lightweight and collapsible so you can easily transport it to and from your car. You could also purchase one at the Merchandise Tent (it can double as a souvenir!). 

As soon as you get there, place your chair next to any green to secure your spot. Don’t worry – no one will move your chair like they do at the beach!

Get your picture taken in front of the clubhouse

Everyone says photos are prohibited at The Masters, but that is not entirely true. You can still pose in your Masters outfit at the secret photo spot by the clubhouse. Since you won’t have your phone with you, you can get your picture taken by a professional photographer. Afterward, they’ll tell you how to retrieve your photo online. There tends to be a long line, so go early! 

Be the best-dressed at the Masters!

Masters fashion may not get as much attention as other events, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into your appearance! When you put together your Masters outfits with pieces from Golftini, you’re sure to stand out on the golf course and have a more memorable time at the tournament. 

All our pieces are designed to be worn on and off the golf course, so you can be stylish wherever the day takes you. You’ll be so fashionable that other patrons (and maybe even pro golfers) will be turning to you for tips! 

Still not sure what to wear to the Masters? Find inspiration from our Lookbooks or browse through our wide range of women’s golf apparel to find pieces that suit your style and preferences. 

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