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The Do's and Don'ts of the Masters

Michelle Haag

Posted on March 23 2019

It's our favorite time of the year again, The Masters Tournament at Augusta National. Here at Golftini HQ, we have a special connection to The Tournament. Golftini Owner/Designer, Susan Hess, was born into the golf mecca -- her hometown is  Augusta, GA! Our Business Manager, Joe, won the ticket lottery this year and is looking forward to attending! Below, we share our advice on making this year the ultimate Masters experience! 
 #1. DO Get Your Photo Taken In Front of the Club House
Golftini Team at the Masters 2018
Everyone says you can't take a photo at The Masters, but that is not true. There is a secret photo you can take in front of the clubhouse.  It's not advertised so not many people know about it. How cool?!  You can get your picture taken by a professional photographer. Then he gives you a card that will give you instructions on how to retrieve your photo online. There tends to be a line, so go early! The ladies room, on the other hand, is the only women's bathroom line that is shorter then the mens! We'll take this small win, ladies!
#2. DON'T Forget Your Chair
Trust us, your feet WILL get tired. Each person is allowed to bring in one chair. The best chair you can bring is a lightweight armless, collapsable sports chair. If you don't feel like lugging one in, you can purchase one at the Merchandise Tent for only $29. It's a no-brainer! You can place your chair next to any green (do this ASAP in the morning) and walk around for hours. No one will touch or move your chair like they do on the beach at your last vacation.
#3. DON'T Bring a Backpack or Large Purse
Handbags larger than 10"W x 10"H x 12"D are prohibited, so are backpacks. We recommend an Oliver Thomas cross-body style purse.  They're a safe and easy way to transport your belongings.
It's a good idea to clean out your purse before you go to The Masters. Women are notorious for accumulating things in their purses! Keep it simple. All you really need a is a pretty lip gloss, sunscreen, bug spray and any other necessities. 
#4. DO Dress Modest and Sensible
Also, be sure to avoid anything low-cut or too tight-fitting -- it's not appropriate. Golftini is the perfect choice. It's a golf outfit so you will feel like you fit in the crowd, but still trendy and will make you feel and look your best! In above photo, a Golftini customer is wearing the Jump Rope Stretch Cotton Skort and Navy Long Sleeve V-Neck Sweater at the PLAYERS. The skort is a cotton blend, which is a bit more structured for a classier, timeless look, yet the breathable performance shorts underneath makes it perfect for walking the grounds. 
In the below photo, members of the Golftini Team looked their best while at the 2018 FedEx Cup. A local newspaper declared the outfits to be the most stylish of the tournament! 

#5. DON'T Bring Your Cell Phone
 Yes, this one of the few times in life that you will have to part ways with your phone - and it's well worth it! Cell phones are strictly prohibited on the grounds at all times. Leave your cell at home and be in the moment!  If you do want to take pictures, you can go on the practice round days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). Those are the only days cameras are allowed.
#6. DO Bring Layers
Early in the morning and later in the afternoon it could get chilly! The average temperature in Augusta, GA in April is a high of 77° F and a low of 55°. You can check on your Masters Weather Forecast at AccuWeatherThe Golftini Cotton Cashmere Poncho (Comes In 7 Colors) rolls to conveniently fit in your purse and is ready-to-wear! We swear by this poncho at Golftini HQ. Someone's always wearing one in the office. Tip: Be sure to roll it to avoid wrinkling rather than folding it in half. This is also a space-saver!
#7. DON'T Wear High Heels
Comfortable shoes are KEY. You're going to be doing a lot of walking. Golf spectators can walk up to 7 miles if you follow a group! Plus, high heels might get stuck in the grass.  We recommend a pair of sandals like Jack Rogers or some cute tennis shoes like Supergas. Augusta is a hilly course, and the ground is slippery early in the morning or after it rains.
#8. DO Get a Pimento Cheese Sandwich
 Lunchtime is one of the best parts about The Masters. Everything is affordable and DELICIOUS! This Sandwich costs $1.50The main concessions area is near the first fairway. Picnic grounds are near Gate 10 and at the end of the patrons' corridor, near the main entrance.  You're not allowed to bring in any alcoholic beverages or coolers. 
#9. DO Bring a Hat and Wear Sunscreen
It's easy to get a sunburn walking around all day. Do not forget sunscreen when you go to the Masters!  Our favorite sunscreen for golfers is SKIN SUNSCREEN which is "made for golfers by golfers". In addition to your SPF, a hat is a really good idea. Baseball caps or visors are the best options. We sell a Dolly Mama Audrey Ribbon Visor which is the perfect visor for a golf tournament. Its Swavorski embellished diamonds add a flair of trendiness to a conservative visor. It's light weight clip-on style also features a sand-colored terry cloth sweatband underneath for comfort just in case it gets hot out and you start sweating. BONUS! It also won't leave a mark on your forehead.  
#10. DO Bring Bug Spray 
One of the must haves in your golf bag is bug spray, the same reason it's also a necessity to have when walking the grounds at a golf tournament. Insects like mosquitoes or gnats are an unfortunate reality.  The best insect repellents for golfers according to GolfDigest is  Off! Deep Woods VII Dry, $6, four-ounce spray. If you don't feel like carrying around a can in your purse, place a Bounce dryer sheet in your back pocket -- it doubles as an inset repellent! You can also dab some lavender oil on your neck and wrists like perfume. 
Have fun and watch in style whether you're attending the Masters or watching from home. Here are some ways you can throw The Ultimate Masters Party at your house. Invite some friends over and get the party started.
Email us a picture of you in your Golftini whether you're at the Masters or watching The Masters at home to be entered to win a free Golftini skort.
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