Golftini Women’s Golf Apparel – There’s Something Happening Here

March 07, 2019 4 min read

Golftini Women’s Golf Apparel – There’s Something Happening Here - Golftini

By David Theoret - March 6, 2019 98

We’ve heard this story before. Lady takes up golf. Likes the sport and gets serious about it. Meets new friends. Can’t find a thing to wear. Starts golf apparel company. Becomes very successful.

Ok, we all know it doesn’t always end that way, but I think it’s safe to say that for Susan Hess and her Golftini Apparel Company, the future’s so bright, she better wear shades!

Golftini’s philosophy is that when you look your best, you feel your best, and when you feel your best, you play your best. Hess herself is a firm believer in dressing for success, in fact she says that she makes a conscious effort to be fashionable in all other areas of her life so why would she do anything different on the golf course?

As she started out to bridge the gap between golf and fashion, Hess started with printed and patterned skorts, which are still the company’s bread and butter. As things progressed, polos, pants, jackets, vests, ponchos and a few skorts were added, the end result was a full collection of on-trend outfits suitable both on and off the golf course.

With the Spring 2019 release of their Fun and Games Collection, Golftini is dialing things back a notch. The new collection gets old school with youthful and nostalgic product names, all with a trendy Golftini spin. Each piece is designed in a classic pattern, but with unique, modern details.

The new Jump Rope Stretch Cotton Skort is as fashionable as it is comfortable. The 97% Cotton/3% Spandex fabric holds its shape perfectly, so you’ll look just as good after your swing as you did walking up to the tee. The skort features a flat front, side zipper, two deep side pockets and a rear scorecard pocket. The crisp navy and white medallion pattern has a scalloped “rope” along the bottom hem, making it the perfect garment for whatever the day has in store. The Jump Rope Stretch Cotton Skort is available in two lengths: Standard (17.5”) and Long (19”). It’s available in sizes 00 – 16. Retail price is $128.