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14 Things You Need In Your Golf Bag At All Times!

October 17, 2018 5 min read

14 Things You Need In Your Golf Bag At All Times!

You only need your clubs, golf balls and tees, right? WRONG! When Team Golftini recently hit the links, we realized many essentials were missing from our golf bags. 

1.  A USB Cable

You just made a birdie, or even better... a hole-in-one! You got lost on the golf course! Let's be honest, whether it's a kodak moment or emergency situation, you need a charged cell phone at all times on the golf course. Most golf carts nowadays have built-in ports for USB Cables so you can charge your phone or any other devices like your Bluetooth Speaker. Amazon has a large selection of USB Lightning Cables under $10. Buy an inexpensive one that's designated just for your golf bag. That way, you don't have to worry about misplacing your cord when transporting it back and forth from home. Just make sure you store it in a safe compartment like one of the side zippers so it doesn't get wet.

2. Hair Ties

Last time we were playing 9 holes after work on a windy weekday, Golftini's Marketing Director, Michelle, was in dire need of a hair tie. Her long blonde hair whipping in her face every time she went to take a shot. She was so desperate that she used three golf tees to secure her locks in a messy bun (that kept falling out, by the way). Next time you're at the drugstore, just buy a pack of hair ties to leave in your bag.

This $3 pack of Scunci is our go-to choice for three reasons.

  • 1.) They won't leave an ugly crease after you golf.
  • 2.) They're black so they will match any Golftini outfit.
  • 3). It comes with 14 hair ties so you won't run out (and can lend them to friends during desperate times!).

3. A Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Sometimes it's fun to play music during a casual round (as long as you're not disturbing other golfers and abiding by the club's rules). The Ultimate Ears UE Roll 2 is convenient for the course because it has a built-in strap on the back that you can secure to the post of your golf cart. It's also slim enough to slip in the side of your golf bag. With nine hours of battery life, this speaker will sure last you through 18 holes. You can walk away from your cart with your phone in your pocket and still have your music playing -- this speaker's mobile range of play is up to 65 feet! 

4. Sunscreen 

 Even if it's a cloudy day, weather can change from rainy to sunny quickly! It's super important to have sunscreen stored in your golf bag. You don’t want to have to leave the course because you are getting a sun burn. Always be prepared.. and safe! We highly recommend our partner SKIN Suncreen for sun protection. Formulated specifically for golfers, SKIN Suncreen is mineral-based and non-greasy. It is a quality sunscreen that will hold up even after two hours of sweating. 

5. Range Finder

There will be circumstances where you won't have a caddy with you to tell you the yardage. Instead of wandering around aimlessly looking for the 150 yardage-marker, just conveniently dig in your golf bag. We promise, you'll impress your date or your friends when you whip out your handy-dandy rangefinder. We recommend the Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder -- it has high ratings and is easy-to-use. 

6. Lip Gloss

Lips can get dry and chapped after playing golf whether it's the wind or a sunny, dry day. Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss is very moisturizing and has a little bit of shimmer that will give you the glam you need after a round. You'll leave the golf course feeling fabulous and confident! We suggest going with a natural-looking nude hue.

7. An Umbrella

There's always a chance it can rain on the links, so be prepared. Most people don't realize that golf bags have a sleeve on the side of the bag just for umbrellas. We love this "Thumbs Up Umbrella" by G/Fore not only because it's fun, but because it's large enough coverage for you and your partner, plus it has UV protection!

8. Business Cards


Even if it's not a planned business outing, you never know who you're going to meet on the golf course. The golf course is an ideal place to meet people and network. Golf is a very social sport! According to,  54% of business professionals see golf as the perfect networking tool.

9. Band-Aids

You're looking for your golf ball that you lost in the prickly bushes and get a cut. You're gripping your club too tight and form a blister. This is why Band-Aids are necessary inside your golf bag. Buy a pack of them next time you run your errands, take them out of the box (to save space) and slip some into your bag.

10. Extra Socks

Halfway through your round, your feet may get wet or it may rain. You may want to change up your sock game during your day out on the course. These Invisible No-Show, Cushioned Socks by Puma are the perfect addition for your golf bag! They're sleek-looking and comfortable. Plus, they will protect your pedicure!

11. Cash

To avoid any embarrassment on the course, it's smart to keep wad of small bills handy in your golf bag. Cash is essential to have in your golf bag at all times. Don't be that girl (especially if you're a guest of someone at their country club). Tipping the cart girl for your beer, the caddy for cleaning your clubs or the valet attendant that pulls your car up... there are many situations you'll encounter where you'll need last-minute cash. Now you can make a spur-of-the-moment bet with your friends, too!

12. A Pair of Flip Flops

When your feet have been crammed in your golf shoes for hours, it feels amazing to take them off, right? When you don't have a pair of shoes to change into, it's the worst! These Grey Havaianas are extremely comfortable -- your feet will appreciate them! They're also flexible so they can easily fit into the side zipper without bulking up your golf bag. 

13. Travel-Size Perfume

You just finished your round and now you're going for cocktails and a bite to eat at the clubhouse. There's not enough time to take a shower in the ladies' locker room and change. A travel-size perfume rollerball is ideal because you can freshen up ASAP! Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone London is one of Golftini Owner/Designer Susan Hess' favorite scents because it's refreshing and not too overpowering. It gives you that extra boost you'll need after playing outside for hours.

13. A Birdie Flask 

Whenever someone makes a birdie on the golf course, it's tradition to take a shot! Our go-choice is Fireball (see photo above). Golftini recently discovered the perfect birdie bottle flask for your golf bag!

You can purchase them on our website in pink and black!


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