Susan's Summer Essentials

July 18, 2018 4 min read

Susan's Summer Essentials

Everyone pump the breaks! We are already seeing Halloween decorations... it's still August!  As golf and warm weather fans, we are soaking in every last ray of sun we can get and have all the essentials in order to make the rest of summer the best of summer. Owner and designer of Golftini, Susan Hess, shares her summer selections, revealing some of her her latest and greatest product finds. 

1. Birdie Flask

Although the Birdie Flask is designed for the golf course, there are no rules when it comes to having fun - especially in the summer! Like all things Golftini, this flask is just as fab and functional off the course. Surprise your friends with a round of shots and celebrate summer!

You can purchase them on our website in pink  


2. Provisions Kit

You never know where summer will take you! A morning walk along the beach can easily turn into happy hour. Always be prepared! Provisions kits are truly life savers. They have everything you could possibly need in a pinch, somehow stuffed into an adorable travel size pouch. From hairspray to double sided tape, Provisions has you covered for any "emergency".  The cases are themed and the contents slightly vary to match each theme. 

"Filled to the brim with premium essentials, we don’t skimp on what goes inside. And we dedicate the same attention to detail when it comes to designing the outside, combining the sensibility of a fashion label with the function of a modern general store."  

The kits come in a variety of colors and patterns and often include a quote that will make you smile whenever you reach for it - which will be often!  Always on brand with Golftini,  we selected the hot pink kit which says "Save Water, Drink Champagne"... Sure! We can do that!

3. Golftini Tech Jacket

The lightweight Golftini Tech Jacket is a summer must have! For golfing, running, tennis, yoga, or everyday wear. This jacket is fashionable, fun, functional, stylish. and wrinkle-free, making it an easy layering piece to throw into your golf bag or purse for when it gets chilly. The jacket comes in five colors, but are loving the vibrant summer pink more than ever right now!


 4. Finally! A Cool, Cooler! 

Coolers are typically anything but cool.  An adorable summer outfit (like the Dancing Queen Pull-On Ruffle Tech Skort and White Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo) should not be dragged down by a bright, bulky, and often tacky cooler.  Finally, a cooler that matches your chic look. The SOVARO cooler is lightweight, sharp, and classy.  

SOVARO coolers leverage the austere beauty and natural insulating properties of cork, a material proven to withstand forest fires and resist temperatures up to 1,000°F. Fully encapsulated in a polycarbonate shell 12.6 times stronger than standard plastic, our coolers employ a unique, four-layer barrier system, providing extreme protection from the elements.


 5. Sun Protection 

 Protect your skin! Protect your skin! Protect your skin! We can't say it enough! For on and off the course, we highly recommend our partner SKIN Sunscreen forsun protection.  Formulated specifically for golfers, SKIN Sunscreen is mineral-based and non-greasy. It is a quality sunscreen that will hold up even after two hours of sweating.  For those who forget to lather on the sun lotion, we suggest using a daily moisturizer with added SPF protection (like our Golftini Polos). This way, it is seamlessly worked into your everyday routine.  CLICK HERE to view  some top-rated SPF moisturizers. For added safety, rock a fab hat or visor! 


6. The On-Trend Round Beach Towel

Cita Round Resort Towel,
                        color, Pink

Golftini loves patterns! They are a fun and ever-changing way to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and express your personal style. That's why we love the round beach towel trend - it's more like an added outfit accessory which happens to be a towel that is perfect for the beach, park, or picnic. With so many styles to choose from, you can rock whatever you are feeling - from preppy to bohemian, these towels fit your mood! Pictured above is one we love - bright colors (including hot pink, of course!), a unique pattern, and a summer time vibe. 


7. Sand Theory Bracelet

We came across these Sand Theory Bracelets and love the product and concept. Each bracelet holds sand from beach locations around the world, so you can wear your summer memories.  A portion of sales is donated to their charity partners to help keep our beaches, shorelines, and sand clean. These unique bracelets are also great for an extra special gift!


8. Portable USB Fan

Like we said before, it's still August and it's still hot! This mini portable fan plugs directly into your phone or device for a cooling system on the go.  They are small enough to throw into any size bag and sure to come in handy when you need a quick blast of cool air.



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