How to Rock a Tennis Skirt Outfit On and Off the Court

June 13, 2023 4 min read

How to Rock a Tennis Skirt Outfit On and Off the Court - Golftini

Tennis skirts are the chameleons of women’s sportswear. They’re athletic but they can be incorporated into most—if not all—aesthetics, whether you’re a fan of the ‘90s grunge, preppy fits, or Sex and the City styles. This makes it incredibly easy to create tennis skirt outfits that are both game-ready and glamorous. 

If you’re wondering how to slay in this fashionable number while showing off your serve, we’ve got you covered. Check out our styling guide and unlock your inner style icon!

How to style a tennis skirt outfit

Creating women’s tennis outfits for the court is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is stick to the tennis dress code (if any) and choose functional pieces. But how do you curate an outfit that you can wear on and off the court? How do you make sure your ensemble is suitable for sports, but not overly sporty for everyday wear? Here are a few tips for creating women’s tennis skirt outfits:

Find pieces that offer form and function

When curating a tennis skirt outfit, choose pieces that offer both on-court comfort and off-course style. Remember that the goal is to eliminate the need for a wardrobe change. Fortunately, Golftini’s pieces are constructed with both function and form in mind. You can be unstoppable on the court, and stylish once you hit the streets!

Switch up your footwear

Footwear has the power to set the tone for your outfit. While on the court, wear a functional pair of sneakers. Post-game, switch them up with a pair of stilettos, cowboy boots, or whatever goes with your look.

Layer up with non-sporty pieces

Do you have a leather jacket that’s tucked away in your closet? When you’re not on the court, throw it on to add edginess to your tennis skirt outfit. Got a blazer that exudes girl boss energy? Incorporate it into your attire for a chic office look or a date-night vibe.

Add glam with the right accessories

Accessories might be unnecessary when you’re showing off your power moves on the court. But off-court, they can lend a bedazzling flair to your fit. So the next time you play tennis with your girlfriends, pack your fave accessories in your purse. Put them on post-game to take your outfit from courtside chic to iconic.

4 ways to style a women’s tennis skirt

Tennis skirts can be styled to make them suitable for both on- and off-court wear. Not convinced? Check out these tennis skirt outfit ideas which we know you’ll want to cop:

1. Embrace country club style

You can’t go wrong with the country club aesthetic. This style is all about clean lines and muted colors—similar to “old money” outfits that exude effortless luxury. 

Golftini light skort and whit sleeveless shirt.

To pull off this tennis skirt outfit, slip into a neutral-toned skort with pleats like the Cafe Skort. Then, tuck in a collared polo like the White Sleeveless Zip Polo. Tie a sweatshirt over your shoulders, and you’ll be ready for post-game tea with the girls. 

2. Dress it up for a day-to-date-night fit

It may seem like a fashion faux pas to wear a tennis skirt outfit to more formal pursuits, but it is possible to dress it up! The key is to choose pieces that blur the line between sporty and sophisticated.

Tennis Skirt and White long sleeve top

A case in point is this day-to-date-night fit. Slip into a tennis skirt with built-in shorts like the Keep It Simple Skort. Its pleated hem lends a flirty flair to this otherwise sporty piece, while its plaid print adds a touch of sophistication. Pair it with a top like the White Long Sleeve Ruffle Polo to create a classy black-and-white combo. Dare to leave a few buttons open to show off some skin!

On the court, wear this women’s tennis outfit with sneakers like The Strider Luxe. Then, as the sun sets, slip into a pair of strappy heels, swipe on your boldest lipstick, and you’ll be ready to break hearts! 

3. Ace your style in all-white

In the 1900s, it might’ve been rude to wear white after labor day (it was regarded as showing off). But we’re in the 21st century, so if you want to wear white year-round, we say go for it!  

Be Wimbledon-worthy in an ensemble that will have everyone in awe. While this outfit is on the understated side, it’s far from mundane. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, as it pays tribute to classic tennis dress codes. The color white shields your skin against the sun, keeping you cool and comfy all day.

White Tennis skort and white sleeveless top

Here’s a tennis skirt outfit idea to inspire you: slip into a solid skort like the White Be An Athlete Skort. The White Sleeveless Sport Tie Top pairs flawlessly with it, allowing you to create a cohesive fit. At Golftini, all of our skorts and tops are dyed to match, so you don’t have to worry about wearing different colors of white. 

Complete your look with The Annabel Grey shoes to break up the white palette while maintaining your outfit’s neutral vibe. Elevate this tennis skirt outfit for off-duty adventures with accessories like silver rings and earrings. 

4. Dare to stand out in colors and prints

Tennis skirts come in various colors and prints, giving you the chance to create the most eye-catching looks. Stun in color combinations that add playfulness to your attire, perfect for days out with your mains. You could experiment with color blocking, create monochromatic looks, or layer prints for extra oomph.

Colorful skort and hot pink sleeveless top

Wear the Day Drinking Skort, a tennis skirt with built-in shorts. Its colorful print allows you to mix and match to your heart’s content, and curate an array of cute outfits. Wear it with a vibrant tee like the Hot Pink Long Sleeve Mesh Trim Top—it’s a fan favorite for a reason. 

Wear winning looks on and off the court

Now it’s your turn to curate tennis skirt outfits that slay on and off the court. At Golftini, our clothes are crafted to enhance your on-court skills, while ensuring you shine on your off-court adventures. With a range of colors, cuts, patterns, and prints, you’re sure to find pieces that complement your sense of style. 

Explore our collection of women’s tennis skirts today so you can stay stylish, wherever the day takes you!

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