Finding the Best Women's Golf Pants: 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Pair

June 13, 2023 5 min read

Finding the Best Women's Golf Pants: 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Pair - Golftini

Combining modesty, style, and performance, a pair of women’s golf pants makes sure you play with confidence and take your golfing experience to the next level. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the best women’s golf pants?

What factors should you consider to make sure your pants can keep up with your on-course skills while making you look chic? Discover the secret to selecting the right pair of women’s golf pants with our guide.

7 tips for choosing the best women’s golf pants

When playing golf, you can’t just slip into any pair of pants. It’s important to choose the crème de la crème of women’s golf pants, meaning it should meet all of your needs. Here are a few things to consider when choosing women’s golf pants: 

1. Find a practical pair that moves with you

What’s the point of wearing a stylish pair of pants if you can’t play in them? Don’t get us wrong—looking cute on the course is important because it can boost your confidence. However, practicality should be at the top of your priority list. The best women’s golf pants should not only be stylish but also move with you, allowing you to focus on your game and score a birdie. 

At Golftini, our best golf pants for women won’t hold you back. Crafted from ultra-stretchable fabric, they offer a full range of movement so you can flaunt your skills freely. 

2. Look for golf pants that don’t look too sporty

Golf may be a sport, but it’s not in true golf fashion to show up looking too sporty. When selecting the best golf pants for women, go for the pair that doesn't look like it was designed for a sweat sesh. 

Stun in stylish pants that can be worn everywhere, whether at the country club or Fifth Avenue. Opt for pants that boast a clean silhouette while still supporting your on-course skills like the Black/White Checkered Stretch Ankle Pant. With its stretchable fabric and sophisticated print, it ensures you’re both game-ready and dressed up for your day’s adventures.

3. Opt for pants made from moisture-wicking materials

Pants that stick to your skin when you get sweaty? Ew, no, thank you! When it comes to choosing the best ladies’ golf pants, ask yourself how they will hold up during your game. They shouldn’t get in your way or cause sticky situations that make you want to take them off ASAP. The best pair of pants will be your trusty companion, offering all-day comfort that lets you play without worries. 

Grab a pair of ultra-breathable, lightweight pants with the power to wick away sweat, leaving you cool and dry from AM to PM. It’s also worth considering water-resistant pants to avoid the heaviness caused by rain-soaked clothes. In the water-repellent Black Stretch Ankle Pant, for instance, you can continue playing comfortably even when it’s pouring out. 

4. Get the fit and length right

This goes without saying, but the best golf pants for women should fit right. An ill-fitting pair of pants will only prevent you from showing off your moves on the green. Here are a few tips for getting the perfect fit for women’s golf pants: 

  • Measure your favorite pair of pants. Got a pair of well-fitting pants? Take its measurements and use it as a guide when shopping for golf pants.
  • Consult the brand’s size chart. Brands don’t always use the same size chart. It’s worth comparing your measurements with their chart to determine the correct size for you.
  • Do the sit test. If the fabric around the crotch bulges out while you’re sitting down, that means it’s too big. On the other hand, if it creates lines around the thighs, that means it’s too tight.
  • Be mindful of the waistband. It should be wide enough to stay in place, keep your top neatly tucked in, and not slide down while you bend over to grab your golf ball.

Along with the fit, be sure to consider your golf pants’ length. A good rule of thumb is to wear pants that stop slightly above your shoes, preventing the fabric from bunching up around the ankles.

5. Wear pants with pockets

If you tend to carry a lot of things on the course, it’s only practical to choose pants with multiple pockets. A good example is our Khaki Full-Length Trophy Pants which come with five (yes, five!) pockets.

When choosing the best women’s golf pants with pockets, give each pair a test run. Stuff the pockets with golf balls, tees, markers, scorecards, etc. to see how well they fit. Walk around and observe if any of your stuff falls out—if they do, it’s a sign that the pockets may not be deep enough for your golfing needs.  

More importantly, pay attention to your comfort levels. You should be able to nail every golf swing, putt, and tee even if you’ve filled your pockets with on-course gear. 

6. Choose a cut that suits your style

When it comes to women’s golf pants, you generally have two options:

  • Ankle-length. As the name suggests, these are pants that stop at the ankles, providing you with more freedom of movement.
  • Full-length. These are longer-length pants that could pass as tailored or dress pants.

There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to selecting your golf pants’ cut. It’s all about staying true to your style and wearing what makes you feel your best on- and off-course.

7. Refer to the dress code

Even if you’re confident that you’ve found the best golf pants for women, always go back to the dress code. Golf clubs may not be as strict as they once were, but there are still certain policies in place. The last thing you want is to be kicked out because you wore the wrong type of pants.

For example, some golf clubs require players to wear solid-colored trousers or pants with minimal prints. In that case, you could slip into something like the  Pants. This pair of tapered pants may have pink piping, but it’s so subtle that it allows you to maintain the classy vibe often associated with the sport.

We’ve got your new favorite pair of women’s golf pants

Whether you’re a fan of ankle-length or full-length pants, we’ve got the perfect fit for you—literally. At Golftini, we’ve carefully crafted a collection of premium pants that check all of your boxes, allowing you to showcase your skills in style. Each pair of pants blends form and function, combining timeless style with features such as stretchability, breathability, and more. 

Step onto the course with confidence or head out into the world to slay the rest of the day in style.  today to find your new fave pair!

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