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Square | Duchess Collection Earring Jackets with Swarovski Crystals



Introducing The Duchess Collection.

Add these earring jackets to your diamond studs and other favorites to expand your earring wardrobe like a princess.

Three functions in one:  1) add gorgeous sparkle to your smile, 2) securely lock your precious stud earrings, and 3) lift and support your favorite earrings.

Handcrafted in heirloom quality by master jeweler Masaaki Takahashi with Swarovski crystals.  Fabulously light catching.   Feel and look of fine jewelry.  Feather light because of the rare Yosemono art of Samurai tradition.

Each earring jacket set includes 1 pair of Chrysmela Catch, Platinum.  Front earrings are not included.  Apply any of the studs you have. 

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