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Chrysmela Infinity Ear Jackets - Champagne Pearl


Infinity Earring Jacket powered by Chrysmela

Chrysmela, the most secure high-tech earring back, sets you free to create your own looks. Pair Infinity Ear Jacket with your favorite stud earrings to infinitely expand your earring wardrobe.

Green to Dinner, Desk to Date - Add drama to your simple studs. Like Golftini, the Infinity earrings are the perfect combination of style and function.

  • FashionTech ear jacket Only by Chrysmela
  • The set includes Chrysmela earring back ($50) and feather light cotton pearl removable attachment.
  • Use Chrysmela alone to replace any earring back
  • Material: 23K Yellow Gold Backing with Surgical Stainless Steel Internal Locking Mechanism
  • Patented in the US and Japan.


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