Our Story


Owner & Designer Susan Hess started Golftini with a martini logo and a dream out of her home in Westfield, NJ in 2005. Susan was wanting to get back into golf, but couldn't find an attractive golf skort. With a sample skort and a vision to create a fashion-first apparel company, she took her talents to the PGA show in Orlando in hopes to learn more about the business. Unknowingly, Golftini received it's first big order. Now, Golftini's small skort company is a full encompassing global golfwear brand in 500+ clubs/resorts across the world.

Susan quickly learned what it takes to run a women-owned small business, all while raising three boys in the meantime. Golftini offers not just printed & patterned skorts, but tops, pants, outerwear and more.


Our goal is to continue to push the boundaries for women in golf. Not just women, but getting girls at a young age involved in the game too.

Susan was born in Augusta, GA (home of the Masters) and was taught the game by her grandparents when she was just a child. The game teaches so many life lessons and should be enjoyed by all. It's amazing to see the progress golf has made and it's even more exciting to see how far we can go. 

The sky is the limit and we're happy to be part of such an incredible journey.


17 years later, Golftini is in its third warehouse in four years (first being our home in Westfield, NJ).

We can be found in over 350 country clubs, resorts and shops across the globe. Golftini is a household name and has loyal customers worldwide.

Our product line has expanded into a lifestyle brand, offering a full wardrobe of options. Our emphasis on customer service and experience remains the top priority. We continue to listen, adapt and change for our clients.

We now reside in the West Loop in Chicago, IL where Susan has fulfilled her dream of riding her bike to work.