Women’s Pickleball Clothing: What to Wear to Play in Style

March 12, 2023 3 min read

Women’s Pickleball Clothing: What to Wear to Play in Style - Golftini

Pickleball is gaining popularity by the day (people are calling it the “pickleball boom”), so you’re bound to find yourself on the court at some point. To help you prepare for your first game, we’ve put together a guide on women’s pickleball clothing, including practical tips and style suggestions. By wearing the right clothing for pickleball, you’ll have a competitive edge and look chic on and off the court.

How to choose the right pickleball clothing

Unlike golf, there is no dress code for pickleball; players can pretty much wear anything they want. However, the right outfit can make a difference in your game.  To help you make the right一and fashionable一choice, here are a few tips on women’s pickleball clothing

1. Wear something that moves with you

Pickleball is a serious workout that involves your whole body, so you’ll want to wear clothes that allow for fluid movement. Both your tops and your bottoms need to be made of stretchable materials that won’t restrict you as you run around and react to your opponent’s play. Keep in mind that it’s a fast-paced game, so if you wear clothes that are too restrictive, it will be hard to strike the ball at the right time.  

White outfit for pickleball

Your best bet for pickleball are women’s skorts, which strike the balance between the functionality of shorts and the femininity of skirts. Skorts are the go-to choice for sports as they offer coverage while keeping you agile. Consider wearing our pink golf skorts and matching them with a pink polo for a monochromatic look.

Playing in wintry weather? Our ankle pants and leggings also work well for pickleball, offering the right amount of stretch so you can easily return that backhand shot! 

2. Feel free to play with colors and prints

If you’re into bold colors and playful prints, you’ll be happy to know that pickleball won’t be the one to tell you “no.” Players in this sport aren’t afraid to add flair to their pickleball clothing, from quirky patterns to a vibrant color palette. Feel free to flaunt your unique sense of style, whether that means twirling in a printed skort or winning in punchy colorful shirt. Don’t worry, you won’t get dress coded一women’s pickleball clothing is all about adding fun to your wardrobe! 

Now if you’re not a fan of colors and prints, that’s all good, too. You have countless options when it comes to basic-but-chic pickleball women’s clothing, like our solid skorts and neutral-colored tops.

3. Opt for pieces that suit the weather

Pickleball is typically played outdoors. With the sun out and scorching, you’ll likely work up a sweat, so it makes sense to wear women’s pickleball clothes crafted from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. That way, you won’t be distracted by the sweat rolling down your back or the moist fabric clinging to your body. Ew! You might also want to wear women’s pickleball clothing with built-in sun protection and visors to shield your eyes from the glare. 

Pack warm pickleball clothing for women that you can quickly throw on in case it gets chilly. A good choice is a lightweight, long-sleeve pullover that gives you warmth while allowing for a full range of motion. With weather-appropriate clothing, you can concentrate on your match, from your first serve all the way to victory. 

4. Slip on stable and sturdy shoes 

Whether playing pickleball indoors or outdoors, be sure to wear sturdy, court-appropriate shoes that offer stability. Pickleball involves rapid, lateral steps, so running shoes are a no-go as they’re more suitable for sports with forward motions. Instead, you’ll want something sturdy with a wide base. 

Shop women’s pickleball clothing at Golftini

At Golftini, we’ve carefully curated a versatile collection of women’s activewear that will not only up your on-court performance but also suit your unique style. Designed with your needs in mind, all of our clothes offer the functionality of classic athletic wear but with a chic twist一because who said sportswear has to be plain and boring? Shop our sportswear collection today for women’s pickleball clothing that lets you play (and win!) in style.

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