Not So 'TINI Anymore

February 18, 2021 2 min read

Not So 'TINI Anymore - Golftini

Susan Hess & Golftini "Not So 'TINI Anymore"

Chicago Golf Radio 2/17/21

GOLFTINI OWNER SUSAN HESS will tell you that creating her company name was simple.

“I just took two things I like to enjoy, golf, and drinks with the name ‘tini’ in them. So I put the two of them together.”

You might think the rest is history, but in all honesty, much of the history Golftini will create, lies on the road ahead.

Golftini started in New Jersey, before Hess packed up the company and brought it to Prospect Heights Illinois, a northwest suburb of Chicago in 2019.

But before she even arrived in Illinois, Hess had the Golftini name becoming well known in the women’s golf apparel world.

Hess admits the first time she went to the annual PGA Merchandise Show, her booth was the simple 10×10 size. But that’s no longer the case.

When Hess first walked into the Orange County Convention Center, and walked past the displays of the major apparel companies, that “wow” moment kicked in. One day later Hess landed her first big order, and then scrambled to have it ready on-time.

But those days are well behind her. Because if you ask her clients, one of things they like the most about working with Golftini, is how quickly they receive their orders after placing them. Chicago area clubs often receive orders within 24-48 hours.

Golftini likes to name their Skorts collection every year. So now it’s time  for you to review both the “Ice cream collection” and “Dance Party” coming out this summer.

But regardless of the collection, the mixture of styles and colors show that Hess has an eye for mixing the right colors together. Checkered, solid, dark colors, light colors, or stripes, the patterns and styles just stand out.

But with success comes requests for more, and, what’s next ?

Hess is hard at work preparing the next level of options for Golftini.

Recently on a cold day in Prospect Heights, Hess is sporting a jacket that wasn’t part of the line, one-year ago.

One of the other area’s of expansion that lies ahead for Golftini is, Golftini for Men. Hess says her three boys have been vocal, saying Mom, what about “Golftini for Men” joining the line. The good news is that some limited options for men could be coming out at some point in 2021.



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