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Golftini Around The World! Tips for Traveling!

Posted on February 25 2014


Last week, we reminded our customers that Golftini can be worn on and off the course…

Here’s our favorite response!

“While traveling in Europe this past summer, it was 95 degrees. I wore my sharp Golftini outfits everywhere. It was perfect in the heat and I looked like a respectable tourist and cute.” – Kate G.

“Here is Golftini in 95 degree heat in Budapest and Prague this past summer. Golftini is an awesome travel companion!” – Kate G.

We love to see our customers on their adventures, looking stylish and chic in their Golftini!

Kate is a great example of how to wear any of your fashionable golf apparel other places besides the course! In fact, many pieces from this section of your wardrobe can be used in other areas of your life. Mixing a fun, printed or unique patterned golf skort with a fashionable sweater or detailed tee can make for a classy and feminine look that can be worn to the club, on vacation, to a day time event, or while traveling! Skorts are the go-to piece we recommend for traveling. First of all, they make packing (something we always have some trouble with) a little bit easier. They are light, lay flat, and can fold up small. Secondly, skorts are the perfect invention for the traveler who wants to be cute and comfy; or as we say here at Golftini, fashionable and functional. The hidden short underneath allows for you to move freely during an action packed day, while the presentation of the skirt on top ensures you never have to sacrifice your sense of style! Skorts are also a smart item to pack, as they can be worn more than once on your trip when dressing them differently. As shown above, Kate wore her Golftini Skort to wander around Budapest in the crazy heat! She chose a solid white V-neck tee and sporty navy tech polo, making day-time outfits suitable for lots of walking and exploring! Below, we see Kate wearing her skort in a completely different setting. Here she has on a Golftini Black Sleeveless Button Polo. The cotton, instead of tech, worn with our timeless Hondstooth Pleated Skort is more suited for a relaxing glass of wine and spectacular view!

So fun to see Golftini being worn around the world!

Send in your pictures of Golftini on travels and vacations!

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