Golftini Expands Its Mission to Eradicate Breast Cancer with the Launch of Its Men's Collection

January 19, 2024 2 min read

Golftini Expands Its Mission to Eradicate Breast Cancer with the Launch of Its Men's Collection - Golftini


Golftini Expands Its Mission to Eradicate Breast Cancer with the Launch of Its Men's Collection 

Blending fashion with philanthropy, Golftini leads the charge in the fight against breast cancer through its latest initiative.

Chicago, IL – Golftini, a leading women's golf apparel brand, is proud to announce its arrival into men's golf wear with the launch of "The Everybody Knows Someone Collection." This expansion represents not only a strategic move into the men's market but also a powerful step in the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

Why Men's Wear Now?

Since its inception, Golftini has been dedicated to supporting Breast Cancer Research and awareness. As a woman-owned company, Golftini is driven by a commitment to make a significant impact on this devastating disease. Recognizing that men's golf wear dominates 80% of the market compared to 20% for women, Golftini saw an opportunity to broaden its reach and contribute even more to the cause.

"Every woman who faces breast cancer has a network of supporters – husbands, brothers, fathers, friends. This disease affects everyone. While 8% of men may directly experience breast cancer, 100% know someone who has battled it. This is not just a women's issue; it's everyone's battle. We need men to join us in the fight against breast cancer," said Susan Hess, Founder and CEO of Golftini.

The Everybody Knows Someone Collection

Golftini, with 19 years of experience in the industry, proudly introduces "The Everybody Knows Someone Collection" for men. The collection features the signature Martini Logo, an enduring symbol of Golftini that has always been light pink since 2005. The light pink color is a tribute to Joanne Kelso, Susan Hess's mother, who lost her fight against breast cancer at the age of 41. The collection is not just about apparel; it's a powerful statement and a reminder that breast cancer affects us all.

Join the Fight - Wear What Makes You Feel Great

With a strong platform of women who love Golftini's products and purpose, the launch of the men's collection is a natural progression in Golftini's journey to raise awareness. Golftini invites men to join the mission, support the cause, and wear what makes them feel great.

"We are bringing you into our fight. We need and welcome your support. Plus, we've designed some really fabulous gear that not only looks great but also supports a cause that touches us all. Wear What Makes You Feel Great," added Susan Hess.

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About Golftini

Golftini, founded in 2005, is a renowned women's golf apparel brand committed to style, quality, and a mission to eradicate breast cancer. With a legacy of 19 years, Golftini continues to make a positive impact by expanding its collection to include men's golf wear.

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