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PRESS RELEASE: Golftini Spring 2015 Collection

Posted on January 04 2015

Golftini Spring 2015 Collection: Inspired by Colors of Bora Bora

ORLANDO — Golftini has just recently released their brand new collection for 2015! The Spring 2015 Tiki Collection was inspired by Bora Bora’s colors, cocktails and relaxing atmosphere. It features Trip Taker, Tiki Blue Pleat, Mountain Breeze and Check Out Skorts, thrown in with a splash of the Parker Punch Skort and Capri in our new Performance Fabric, completing the collection. All of our fabrics are exclusively designed to keep our golfers fashionable and comfortable, on and off the course.

"A little know fact about Golftini is that we have always named our skorts,” Golftini Owner Susan Hess stated. “Staying true to our name, most skorts have been named after cocktails. For instance, the Mountain Breeze from our Tiki Collection is named after my favorite cocktail I invented years ago. Stop by Booth 4591, we would love to tell you more about our collection and share the recipe!”

Golftini is currently accepting appointments for the PGA Show. To ensure you get an appointment that fits into your schedule, email or call the office today.



545 Alden Avenue • Westfield, New Jersey 07090

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