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Happy Earth Day: Nature & Fashion

Posted on April 22 2014

Happy Earth Day from Golftini! 

We encourage everyone to take some time today and think about the fascinating planet we live on and all it does for us, which is a lot!  

We here at Golftini are thankful for many things provided by planet Earth, but would like to focus this blog on one in particular: inspiration.  Nature is one of the oldest and largest forms of inspirations for all art.  It appears in paintings, architecture, music, writing, and - most importantly to us! - fashion.  

Nature inspired designs have been around forever and will never be out of style.  There is so much beauty in nature that can be looked to for ideas and transpired into a single piece or entire collection.  This is done often on the runway, but can also be spotted in everyday apparel.  

Golftini has many prints that can be celebrated this Earth Day.  Here are a few...

Chimay Skort: The navy floral shape works nicely against the white circles

Blue Cosmo: A leader in our Spring 2014 Collection, this skort was designed with Spring and its bright colors in mind!

Sand Dollars SkortSand Dollars Tunic:  This pattern was inspired from the depths of our oceans! 

Blue Lagoon Skort: Another aquatic-type print

Petals in Paradise Skort & Petals in Paradise Tunic: This floral design is simple and classy

The Earth gives us endless ways to keep up on fashion.  Here is an interesting article we found that shows 45 Nature-Inspired Fashions.



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