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13 Ways to Recover from Your Office Christmas Party in Style

Kelly-Anne Crowley

Posted on December 22 2017

Follow the steps below and you will have successfully recovered from the office party you probably embarrassed yourself at.

1. Wake up thinking that it is going to be the best day of your life.

You're at work for the next 8 hours and it's going to be a hard day. So you might as well start it off by tricking yourself into thinking everything is okay.

2. Drink coffee.

Or tea, or anything that makes you feel more alive when you are at your lowest.

3. Chug water.

Water is key. It is essential to you functioning as a normal adult during the work day.

4. Take Advil in case the above tips don't work.

If you really aren't feeling any better after drinking coffee or water, Advil is your next line of defense. (Remember to take only if you can and have discussed with your doctor.)

5. Wear spandex.

Seriously, stretchy clothes are your gift from above today. It's like your in pajamas, but it is more professionally acceptable. (Unless you have to wear a suit, them I'm sorry).

6. Eat a cheeseburger and drink a cherry slurpee.

Anything greasy, cheesy and delicious will work, but why not try our Golftini suggestion?

7. Love what your boss gave you for Christmas the night before. No matter what.

It doesn't matter what they gave you, you love it.

8. Take a walk around the block in the middle of your day. Fresh air helps. Seriously.

Fresh air will make you feel like a new person after sitting at your desk all morning. And hopefully the wind outside will blow away all your mistakes from the night before.

9. Put a smile on your face.

Smiling is the best way to trick yourself into thinking you're a happy, functioning, upstanding employee.

10. If you did something foolish at the party, just own it. And get ready for your co-workers bring it up until the day you die.

You became the one person you always feared you'd become. You made a fool of yourself and now it's time to clean up the mess. Embrace it, own it and know that there is always one in every office party. It just so happened to be you this year.

11. Whoever made the biggest fool of themselves, gets mini tacos for the team.

Redeem yourself by getting your office (or just those you personally offended with your actions the night before) a hot, yummy meal. Mini tacos are another Golftini recommendation. And guaranteed to make people forget about your behavior.

12. If nothing is working, fake it 'till you make it.

Lying to yourself is the best way to make it through the work day when everything else fails. Just pretend things are fine and they will be. Right?

13. Get ready for next year.

There's always next year to have someone else buy the tacos!

Happy Holidays from everyone at Golftini 


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